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Community Chipping has been suspended due to lack of grant funding.

The Fire Safe Council, conducts FREE chipping events to be held in portions of San Luis Obispo County. Sustained high temperatures and dry weather in the summertime create dangerous fire conditions. Chipping is a great way to clear your property of potential fire hazards. Disposing of green waste without burning also preserves our air quality.


-Material to be chipped must be clean yard waste only (tree limbs, brush, etc.) – no metal, nails, barbwire, garbage, rocks, etc.

-Not allowed: grass, vines, bark, piles of leaves, juniper bushes and other light non-chippable material; No processed lumber   and other non-vegetation material.

-All chips will be left on site in a pile for homeowner use. Chips will not be hauled away.

-Branches can not be thicker than 4 inches in diameter

-ALL material must be piled in a location easily accessed by the chipping vehicle. Chipping vehicle will not leave the public roadway to access a green waste pile. Chipping vehicle will not travel up personal driveways. Crews will not drag material long distances or over fences.

- Pile size limited to one ton. Pile dimensions no larger than 15ft. by 15ft by 4ft. high

- Piles must be must be at the road side by the event start date.

To reserve your spot, please use the online registration link for the event in your area. or download the event flyer mail or deliver the sign up form to the sponsoring fire station by mail or in person during normal business hours.

Forms must be received before deadlines listed below!


Current Chipping Events

2015 Chipping Events  - None at this time

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